Becoming a football coach is one of the most common childhood dreams. As the years go by and with some good football training, that fantasy can become a genuine employment opportunity.

Would you like to work as a football coach for a team? Keep reading and we will answer all your questions.

In this article, we are going to explain how to become a football coach, what the requirements are and what qualifications can be used to demonstrate your training as a professional coach.

What do I need to become a coach?

Laureano Ruiz (one of the top experts in the football world) says that 70-80% of the young people who play football could become professionals if they meet these three conditions:

a) Be in a condition to practice this sport.
b) Be extremely hard-working.
c) Have a good teacher: a good football coach.

For these three reasons, ensuring the future quality of football needs good coaches to be trained and for them to become a fundamental figure in player development.

A football coach should meet the following requirements:

• Have played football (not necessarily as a professional) in order to have knowledge of the game and make better decisions during the game.
• Be a good educator; it is not enough to simply have the necessary technical-tactical skills.
• Be enthusiastic, a good motivator and convey a very positive attitude.
• Not be obsessed with winning at any cost. They must instil in the player that victory and defeat form part of the game.
• Know about the characteristics of each age group: they should be able to structure training sessions, content and methods based on the age of the children.
• Know how to decide what the player is best at and in which position to play them.
• Know how to identify player flaws and be able to correct them with good training.
• Be able to monitor a match and take corrective measures quickly to harness team potential (.) (switch players, change formation, vary the game plan, etc.).

If you meet these requirements… Keep reading! You could be a great football coach.

How to become a football coach?

At H8S World, the division of H8S Fútbol responsible for creating specialised programmes both nationally and internationally, we promote and encourage the training of football coaches.

Football should have properly skilled professionals both on and off the pitch. As professionals, we should protect our footballers from exposure to coaches who lack the proper training as this could have a negative effect on their physical, psychological and technical development.

At the H8S World football academy, you can study the football coaching course that best meets your needs. Our fully customised programmes offer everything from basic football coaching courses to football coaching courses aimed at updating and specialisation. They are aimed at all those footballers who wish to become football coaches or those wishing to maintain and improve their technical preparation through professional training.

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